Operations and Customer Service

This is an exciting area of the sector’s work and one that is evolving quickly as BTR providers try to design-in good management and efficiency from the earliest stages of development schemes.

Operational efficiency is a critical aspect of delivering investment performance and good customer service. There is a strong emphasis in the sector on great customer experiences, learning from the hospitality sector. There is also a strong ethos of being open to innovation in the sector and adoption of technology to make BTR hassle-free for its customers.

For keeping abreast of what’s happening in BTR with a focus on operations and customer service the UKAA website is a good starting point. Those wanting regular up-to-date industry news can subscribe to the UKAA News Buzz.

The ULI guide to BTR is also a good all-round paid-for guide to the sector’s operational considerations.

Recruitment, training and retention of staff are very important as the sector grows rapidly. There are various recruitment agencies that service the sector and are UKAA members. These  are listed here and the UKAA has a dedicated BTR jobs page.

The Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) also has tailored courses aimed at the BTR sector, to equip frontline staff with the operational capabilities to manage BTR developments. There is a foundation course and a more advanced course. At the end of the two years those passing the advanced qualification gain Member status – MIRPM.

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