The BTR sector is relatively new and therefore data series on it are evolving. Much energy in the sector is going into developing and refining performance data, but that will only develop over time. A range of proptech companies are also seeking to harvest data and present it in new and user-friendly formats.

BPF and UKAA, together with London First, have recently published a report – Who Lives in Build to Rent? – examining the diversity of Build-to-Rent tenants, including their age, income, tenancy type, profession and affordability rating – across 10 developments in London.

There is also sometimes data that is not specific to BTR, but it will provide a broader perspective on the private rented sector.

For basic information on the sector’s locations and development pipeline, the British Property Federation/Savills/Molior produce quarterly statistics and a map.

For development data that is specific to London, Molior is a resource that can split out BTR, but for detailed data you may need a subscription.

For local market understanding and due diligence there are a range of advisory firms and consultants that can provide detailed insight.

For performance data, MSCI produce a UK Residential Index. It has quite a long time series, but a range of different residential assets within it.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) publishes a range of data on the UK private rented sector.

The ONS also publishes an experimental index of private rental prices on a monthly basis.

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