What is Build to Rent?

The Build to Rent sector is relatively new and growing fast. Typically, it involves an institution, such as a pension fund, investing in providing private rented sector homes. Unlike with traditional, individually let private rented homes, Build to Rent developments are managed as a whole, providing communal facilities and social activities to everyone living in the development, through technology platforms and/or staff available on site.

The sector is at the forefront of innovation and customer service. Build to Rent providers are for example, offering longer term tenancies, predictable rents, the use of technology to make communication between landlords and their customers hassle free, and services such as super-fast broadband.

There are Build to Rent homes that are available to the public or coming soon across the UK. Many developments are in town and will seek to integrate well with public transport. This map shows where you can find the current Build to Rent homes that are complete or being constructed.

Know your rights and responsibilities

Renting a home is an important decision and a big cost. It is based on a contractual relationship between landlord and customer, which will be set out in a tenancy agreement, but also has various rights and responsibilities enshrined in law. If you are unsure of your rights and responsibilities, there is a range of information which the Government provides. You may want to consult it before you commit.

We hope you consider what the Build to Rent sector has to offer and find a happy home.

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